During a True Life in God pilgrimage in 2005 in the Lebanon, Bishop Joao Evangelista Terra, S.J. from Brazil, for ten years Auxiliary Bishop of Brasilia, retired in 2004, speaks about Vassula, the Notification and his contact with Cardinal Ratzinger (2 minutes)

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I accepted to speak because I'm a bishop in Brazil which is the biggest Catholic country in the world and I believe that Brazil is one of the most ecumenical countries in the world.

I believe, for this reason, that Vassula has had from the beginning a big success in Brazil. I participated at Vassula's first meeting while I was auxiliary bishop of Recife. I also had the opportunity to receive Vassula in Brasilia as an auxiliary Bishop in Brasilia.

When the anonymous notification came out of the Vatican, our Cardinal of Brasilia protested: "I've read all of Vassula's work, all of it, four times and I didn't find any theological error."

I worked for about ten years with Cardinal Ratzinger in Rome, at the Pontifical Commission. And then at times I had the opportunity as consultant, to be involved on Vassula's work and that Notification was not from the Cardinal. And when I spoke with the Cardinal and asked him about Vassula's work he replied to me in German: "Continue to practice always with great confidence, remain in peace and be prudent. Relax, everything is ok."

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